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Osgenic creates a safe and realistic environment, where surgeons can prepare for procedures repeatedly. We focus on the fundamental problems of open surgery procedures and visualize the procedure specific anatomy in a meaningful way. Our mission is to make surgery safer for patients and surgeons.  

Patient safety

Every surgeon aims to have the best patient outcomes. The individual surgeon is also the most impactful factor when comparing patient outcomes in elective surgery. By making sure that the education of surgeons starts with the right foot (pun intended), we will see better patient outcomes and an improvement in patient safety.

Surgical training

Currently surgery is mostly taught based on a master-apprentice approach. This is time consuming for the master and his apprentice. We want to make this process more efficient. In addition, we want to ensure, that every apprentice learns the factors, that make a difference in patient outcomes. Improved training means improved patient safety.

Cost reduction

The costs of healthcare are yearly reaching a new high globally. We need to react. Better patient outcomes means shorter post-operative lenght of stay (LOS). It also means less complications and an improvement in patient safety. Less complications means less costs for hospitals

Procedure-based surgery tutorial

We enable surgeons to prepare for different surgical procedures in a meaningful way. We acknowledge the different character of procedures and go beyond teaching surgery steps. Our aim is to increase competence. Confidence follows with competence.

Performance metrics

Each user has their individual account. Users can monitor their own performance in private environment and get feedback and tips on how to improve their performance.

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