Successful Onboarding at HUS Porvoo Hospital

February 22, 2021

We're happy to have some great initial feedback on the platform from HUS Porvoo Hospital and look forward to learning more as we continuing this partnership.

We're so excited to announce that our team has successfully trained and onboarded the surgical staff and residents at HUS Porvoo Hospital. It was a pleasure to be onsite and connecting with our clients, especially during these unprecedented times with COVID-19. So far, we've gained some invaluable feedback from the residents and are looking forward to more comments once they've played around on the system a little more.

These are just a few of the comments so far from the residents:

"...the experience was already very interesting from a technical point of view, and it allowed me to better understand anatomy in three-dimensional terms. I see that it will be useful in learning anatomy in the future, and I look forward to practicing the procedures on the same platform!" - Sesilia

"Thanks for introducing the device, it's a great concept!" - Sandra

"The first impression and comments from the team was that the residents were thrilled that we (Resident Director & Hosptial) were investing in them with this technology. I believe the system will be in regular use." - Kari

Growing Demand for Web-based Learning

Porvoo Hospital is the 4th Finnish hospital to adopt Osgenic into their surgical training program. As COVID-19 continues, the need for on-demand, web-based learning grows, especially in the surgical speciality. At Osgenic we're committed to creating effective and practical solutions to enhance the surgical training experience. Our tools allow residents to engage with 3-D anatomy in a safe practice environment, on their own schedule, as needed.

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